Brief the following case

Brief the following case
Green Tree Financial Corp. v. Randolph, 531 U.S. 79 (2000)
case brief examples attached alobcing with the case itself


Then i will provide the secondary materials.

Please chose TWO questions out the 4 provided. Then I will provide the secondary materials.
All instructions are attachbcied in a word file.


This is an excel assignment for accounting.

This is an Excel Assignment for accounting. Attached below is the excel worksheet where the assignment is needed be completed on and a second attachmebcint is the instructions for the assignment.


Analysis of the data.

Project Topic: If the Zen room benefits health care professionals to reduce burn out and increase calmness in the work place.
PICOT Question:
Among nurses in on a medical surgical unit (P), would the utilization of a Zen room (I) compared to no Zen room utilization (C ) increase unit calmness during high-stress situation by 75 percent (O) over a 3-week period (T)?
Interventions that were done:
Enhanced hospital Zen room with electric candles, artificial plants and scent diffuser.
Flyers were put up to entice staff members to go inside the Zen room to relax, unwind, meditate.
Staff members were invited to use the Zen room.
Results: Increased staff (total of 2 people) were seen to go inside the Zen room and rated the Zen room to be a positive experience and that feel energized. People were not seen using the Zen room before.
I would like the essay to focus on these 4 key aspects in the rubric image that I attached. No need to put images in the essay.
Introduction Complete background information on the chosen topic), Assessment – Define the issue. Why is this a clinical problem? What are the risk factors? Current statistics rate in the US. Why the topic interests you? What are the consequences if issue is not acknowledged? Define the PICOT question.
Literature Review – Literature review addresses the current policy/interventions/knowledge on how to achieve the objective. What other researchers views about the current policy/interventions? Any other interventions you believe are pertinent Strategies/techniques researchers used to resolve similar issues. Minimum of 5 journals cited in this section
Methodology – Included a change theorist and theory. Role of the RN regarding the issue? Target population. Sample size. 15-point questionnaire included (mandatory). Nursing interventions used. Tool used (teaching/brochure/new policies etc. Barriers and enablers to the change. Detailed explanation on how the change intervention was implemented. Checklist to help you to evaluate your project. Analysis of the data.
Discussion – What did you find after analyzing the data? Explain. Limitations to the study- ex. Sample size, studies, age, race, gender, etc. Any new ideas about how would conduct a similar future study? Nursing Implications (mandatory).
Please refer to example essay: Team Supply Closet Organization
Please use these references and add additionbcial references as needed:


Use reading as 1 of the references: reynolds, g. (2019).

Review the What Would You Do? Item #2 at the end of Chapter 6 and describe in detail how you would handle it. Don’t forget to draw from class materials as appropriate. USE READING AS 1 OF THE REFERENCES: Reynolds, G. (2019). Ethics in information technology
(6th ed.). Cengage Learninbcig. Chapter 6 (Reynolds text)


Schools have evolved into what they are today through many years of changes and challenges.

Schools have evolved into what they are today through many years of changes and challenges.
What is happening in education at this very moment that is likely to be written about in the future history of education books?
Find articles that answer the question above.
Follow the rubric providbcied and use APA format.


Username: passworbcid: raylewis52$$

username: passworbcid: Raylewis52$$
Link to reading:


Also add in why those tests would be effective and what deficiencies you woubcild try to identify.

what would be an effective pre season test for a sport of your choosing and what energy systems that sport entails. Also add in why those tests would be effective and what deficiencies you woubcild try to identify.



MKT425 – SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING***Writing Assignment 2***Why do some organizations enter the trial phase of social media marketing maturity without planning and researcbcih? Is this a good move or not? Explain.


Which other attributes could jcc include in the client’s table to assist in contacting clients?

Submit your answers to the following questions in a 2-3 page APA-formatted paper.
Using everything you have learned in the course thus far, it is now time to design the NEW JCC RDBMS and demonstrate some of the functionality:
Using the tables from the Sample Data for JCC, examine each table and determine which tables it would make sense to link and discuss why.
Create the necessary Joins to link these tables together.
Create a VIEW for these joined tables to provide JCC visibility.
JCC needs to be able to contact clients when problems arise concerning an estimate. Which other attributes could JCC include in the client’s table to assist in contacting clients?
JCC wants the database to include data on all its employees, not just those who may be involved in projects. Which additional entities would the DBA need to include in the database to store this data? Which attributes?
What kinds of unstructured data or big data migbciht JCC want to gather in the future?