Discussion of topic

• Each paper should be 3-5 PAGES LONG (not counting cover page), double spaced, and with standard margins.
• Must have a TITLE, possibly an illustration and YOUR NAME ON THE FRONT PAGE.
Introduction to work of art – (Palace of Versailles: Rococo Style)
Includes information about the artist or creator; mentions/discusses materials and techniques used, title, date, dimension
Maximum score10
Discussion of topic
Thoughtfully addresses all questions/points listed as part of the chosen paper topic
Maximum score30
Visual Analysis
Engages visual information provided by the work of art using appropriate terms and descriptive formal and iconographic analysis
Maximum score20
Art Historical Context
Points out the historical context and inherent aesthetic qualities of the work. Applies some of the broader art historical themes and their underlying concepts introduced in class to the discussion of the work
Maximum score20
Grammar and Organization
Written in clear and grammatically correct English, and organized into logical paragraphs and including an identifiable thesis statement. Meets length and formatting requirements.
Maximum score20